TeamONE: 50 Days, 670 Active Reps, 2794 Pre-enrollees AND Pure BLISS With My Fun Life!

How cool would it be to have 2794 people who could potentially be in your organization after you join My Fun Life? That is exactly how the powerline recruiting system MyFunLIFE uses operates, meaning as new members join our organization there are currently 2794 people behind them, some of which could end up on their team should they upgrade to paid member status.

Sure beats trying to build a team all on your own, doesn’t it?

As each new potential member becomes a pre-enrollee with MyFunLIFE they are placed into a holding tank one after the other and as they join they are given the next available position in the My Fun Life matrix, meaning that if you join before those before you do… YOU jump ahead of them in the matrix placement and they will end up going under you should they join and spill over into your organization.

Spill over is determined by the ACTIVITY of the team you are working with, i.e. they are actively building the business by making sales and adding new reps to the team. You will NEVER get spill over if the team above you isn’t actively building the business, that is why the team you join is very important if you want to MAXIMIZE your earnings in the My Fun Life compensation plan.

TeamONE, our organization within MyFunLIFE, is one of the FASTEST growing teams in MyFunLIFE and is attracting network marketing leaders from all around the world who are joining and bringing their organizations with them… Some of these leaders have 10′s of thousands of reps in their current organizations, 25K or more.

We haven’t even gone VIRAL yet!

Coming soon I will be releasing our team website at, which will serve as the centralized portal for our team. We will have user profiles, forums and groups, free training resources and information and links to our cooperative lead generation system and the mobile recruiting app we are developing for our team to aid in face to face recruiting.

We already have our webinar replays live at and soon our lead system and mobile app will go live giving our team a huge advantage!

If you are a new person looking for a My Fun Life Team to join, join with TeamONE and you will not be disappointed, everything you need to be successful both offline and online to build your MyFunLIFE business will be made available to you.

If you are a network marketing superstar you will love having a team with all the tools and resources provided for you and your organization, just plug in your people and build your team like you always have. Focus on building, let the systems train and develop your team in addition to your own training and leadership.

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