MFL – MyFunLIFE Update – 4 Months In – 59 Personals, 564 Active Reps In Team ONE Organization

Only 41 More Personals To Hit Diamond Rank

Yup, I still have 41 more personally enrolled members to get before I hit the rank of Diamond with MyFunLIFE. Why is that, why would I still need 41 more reps personally to be a Diamond, shouldn’t I be one already?

Technically, yes!

You see I could be a Diamond with MyFunLIFE, really any time that I want to be, simply by marketing the currently available product, MyFunTravel and building a network of people who are either looking to save money on travel or for business opportunity seekers, I could do that and so could you…. AND you and I would both be building our business incorrectly.

When you are building an organization for a business that is in pre-launch or is in the foundation period like MyFunLIFE is, you don’t want to build your business with any Tom, Dick, Jane or Suzy you meet on the Internet, you want to choose wisely in the beginning, looking for people who want to BUILD a business, not have one handed to them.

You see every company goes through three stages of development, a foundation stage, hyper growth stage and stabilization stage. In the image below you can see where we are at right now with MyFunLIFE and what stage of development it is in, the foundation stage, which is where 70% of the wealth of a company is created, meaning those who are involved now with the company are the ones who can earn up to 70% of the income created.

Do not let this opportunity to take advantage of this most critical stage of timing pass you by!

timing to join my fun life

Timing to join my fun life is perfect!


Team Building During Foundation Period of a Company

When you are building a team in the Formulation or Foundation period of a company it is important that you seek out business builders and not end users or customers primarily. You want to establish your sales organization so that when the company goes through the hyper growth stage you are set to benefit from it the most.

Who will sign up more memberships a customer or a rep who is paid to build a team and is actively selling the product? Do you want 1000 customers or 1000 reps when the company goes into hyper growth and grows by 10-20 times it’s size? HINT: Customers… DON’T recruit other customers and they will not refer as many people if they are primarily looking at the company as a neat product that saves them money…

A True Rank

I am not a Diamond yet with MyFunLIFE, I am a TRUE Ruby, I have built my team with builders, people who are building a business and not looking for a free ride, leaders and active reps alike. This is why we have a TON of Silvers, Sapphires and Rubies in the Team ONE organization, leaders build with leaders, then market to the masses.

Build with leadership and people who what to build a business and your organization with My Fun Life with thrive like none you have ever seen before.

So many people get the idea that if you just recruit a ton of people personally online customers and reps alike that you will be successful, I say true success is achieved when you develop the organization first and strengthen it from within with leadership, before attempting to go after the masses. This is why I have taken a slower more methodical approach to building my organization, Team ONE.

Team ONE – Leadership Organization

The reason why I decided to found the Team ONE organization for my team at MyFunLIFE is that I wanted to create a way to support our entire organization around the World and found that the best way to do that was to create an online community of My Fun Life leaders and representatives where everyone could work together openly to support the team as a whole.

Team ONE is about being selfless in ones actions, putting the team before your own personal needs, knowing that you will be effected in kind as other leaders and members do the same for you in the future. It is about pooling our talents and resources for the benefit of all members, working together so that everyone has a greater chance of success.

Team ONE is about community and bringing our team close together so that nobody feels like they are out working the business by themselves.


Join With Rick

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