How to EXPLOIT the New MyFunLIFE Compensation Plan

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A few weeks ago MFL announced that they are going to be dramatically changing their compensation plan in order to pay reps substantially for their marketing efforts. I have been with MFL from the beginning, actually before we could even sign up online and after studying this new comp plan I can tell you that it is a GAME CHANGER, turns MFL into a whole new program and makes it incredibly lucrative!

In this video we discuss reasons for why the changes were needed and more importantly how you can EXPLOIT those changes in the plan BEFORE it is even released. You will learn what you need to do to maximize your income with MFL under this new plan.

The Team ONE organization is poised to take the Internet by storm with marketing for MFL, we have our own in house lead generation system, training and other resources such on our website, all at no cost to our members. Take a close look at MFL, then join the Team ONE family today.



MyFunLIFE: Dan Edwards Confirms Grandfathering 7 Levels of Compensation For Current Reps Who Are Qualified

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Grandfathering of Reps in New MFL Comp Plan Confirmed

Today in our MFL Leadership Room on Skype there was a question posted in regards to how someone qualifies in the new comp plan being released May 1st for Matrix pay. Currently if a member joins MFL and sponsors three other members they are qualified to earn 7 levels deep in the compensation plan.

Our Conversation on Skype


As far as the matrix goes do people still need 3 personals to open up levels 4-7 ?


(By Rick Weston)

The new comp plan pays out 4 levels deep at the Bronze Rank, silver pays 5, Gold 6 and platinum pays 7. This is why you want to get all of your current people to get qualified under the current comp plan so they can rank up as high as possible.

Carrie confirmed a couple weeks ago that those who were grandfathered in at 7 levels pay, those who joined in the very beginning, will be grandfathered at 7 in the new compensation plan. I don’t know if those who are currently earning 7 levels pay from sponsoring 3 will be grandfathered in the same way or not.

Response from Dan Edwards

Thanks for responding Rick. Shows you are a true leader that cares. :)

Yes, those that are currently getting paid for sponsoring three will be grandfathered the same way.


What This Means…

If you are currently in MFL and are qualified or grandfathered from the original pay plan to earn 7 levels deep, you will also earn 7 levels deep in the new MyFunLIFE Comp Plan, this also means that during the month of April you can sign up for only $25, sign up three members and you will be qualified to earn 7 levels deep in the matrix.

The new MFL compensation plan is pushing up the requirements for rank advancements, making it harder to earn the higher ranks and payouts etc. Right now, this month ONLY (April 2014), you have the opportunity to build on the old compensation program and get to the top rank.

The rank you want to hit at a minimum is Sapphire, this is because it is a break away rank, you qualify for 8th level of matrix pay, Global Leadership Bonus Pool and more. In the month of April it only takes signing up 20 personal members total, so lets say you are currently in MFL and have 10 personal members, you would only need to sign up 10 more to hit Sapphire, if you join today… you need to sign up 20 before the end of the month to get your rank as high as possible.

What if you miss hitting 20 and only get 18? Well, that means you now have to sign up 12 more under the new compensation plan to get to the same rank and you will be selling a $250 first month and $50 monthly to join vs. a $25 monthly this month which then goes to $50 per month in May.


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MyFunLIFE Reps Go BANANAS! New Pay Plan Announced, Pre-Launch Special $25!

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Dan Edwards officially released details of the new MyFunLIFE compensation plan, which is set to take effect May 1st 2014, changing the opportunity from a $25 per month membership to a $200 signup and $50 per month membership. These changes are what are fueling the new compensation plan, giving reps a more powerful pay plan to earn income with for their distribution efforts.

The compensation plan for MFL needed to change for one important reason, reps weren’t making the money they deserved for their marketing efforts, dollars spent on marketing and man hours spent selling the product and developing their sales organizations. This is why the compensation plan needed to change, I applaud the corporate team at MFL for making the changes needed to allow the distributors of MFL to earn more.

When a product is being marketed it is common for a product, pricing or even the method of marketing to change, this is how a company finds its niche, discovers the best method to market it’s products and provide incentives to its distributors to do so. I think that the new compensation plan will be looked back on as the ‘official launch’ of MyFunLIFE, everything before has been a ‘Beta’ test for MFL… now we go prime time.

Pre-Launch Special: $25

Currently the cost to join MFL is only $25 per month, that will change when the new comp plan goes into effect May 1st, so before the launch of the new comp plan you can actually secure your position for only $25 this month, then paying $50 per month starting in May. This will save you $200 by not being required to pay the membership fee.

You want to do this for several reasons, obviously to save money, more importantly so that you can get positioned in the compensation plan BEFORE the rush hits… The new comp plan is like launching a whole new company, now instead of only a few people out promoting the opportunity there are thousands…

MyFunLIFE still has a forced matrix folks… and now it will start paying out 12 levels deep instead of only 10…

Who else wants to see check match bonuses on a matrix that potentially pays out over 800K?

That is what I thought and everyone else will too!

You see our competition has nothing on us, price… we beat them, value… we beat them, compensation… we beat them.

My Phone IS Blowing UP!

MFL reps are going BANANAS over the new changes to the compensation plan, non-stop texts, phone calls and emails are coming into my phone and the MFL Team ONE Headquarters, reps are ON FIRE right now…

Have you ever been in a room and you could feel the energy, feel the excitement? That is what it feels like all throughout the MFL community tonight.

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MyFunLIFe: “Rick, you just earned a coded bonus commission”…

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My Fun Life: A Networker’s Dream Come True…

It really is amazing to wake up every day to find stacks of cash in your mailbox, messages with subjects like this pouring into your inbox daily, what is even more amazing is just how much success people in general are having with MFL. People who have never had success in network marketing are now having success with My Fun Life, finally a MLM opportunity which doesn’t require hundreds of dollars to get signed up as a rep, before you even get started… for only $25 per month, our members are able to build an amazing worldwide business WITHOUT even having to leave their homes, go to meetings or filling their garages and closets with hundreds of dollars in auto ships or any of that nonsense!

After only 8 months in pre-launch, MyFunLIFE officially opened it’s doors on Jan, 31 2014 and the timing of the opportunity couldn’t be any better than right now. For the last eight months, those of us who caught the vision of Dan Edwards for MFL, entering the Mobile App Market as a network marketing company, selling memberships which give WHOLESALE access to products and services with a low $25 monthly cost which also comes with the ability to earn income by referring other members to gain wholesale access.

I’m On a Mission…

Currently I am a Ruby with 74 active personals out of 81 total recruited over the last 8 months, this means I have had only 7 of my personals quit the business and I now need only 26 more to achieve the rank of Diamond with MyFunLIFE… How does that compare to your last business experience?

If you have read my blog in the past, you know that I am an online marketer and could just simply market MFL to become a Diamond in no time flat, the problem is that most people just don’t have the same skill sets to do what I do or what any other online marketers do for that matter.

It simply takes years of experience, FAILURE and determination to become a successful online marketer, anyone who tells you differently… well IS selling you something… I am not.

My mission is simple…

I want to create more success stories in MFL than any other organization.

For the last six months I have been developing our lead generation and automated team building system, tweaking and adding features to make it go absolutely viral for our team members and we are getting close to doing just that.

This system along with offline recruiting training and our radical support through the Team ONE Worldwide website and our community of team leaders from all around the World, provides the backbone for every Team ONE member to find success in the MFL Opportunity and it will only continue to get better as we move forward.

If you are looking for the BEST MFL Team to join, look no further!


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MyFunLIFE Rank Advancement Pins – Rank Advancement In My Fun Life

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My Fun Life Rank Pins

Rank Advancement in My Fun Life

Yesterday I opened my mail to find 6 BEAUTIFUL Rank Advancement and Achievement Pins from MyFunLIFe, MFL Fast Start Club, rank pins for Bronze, Silver, Gold, Sapphire and Ruby. Here is a post on our Team ONE website I made about it with a photo of the pins and a nice card from the company.

MyFunLIFE Rank Advancement Pins

When you look at the photo you will notice that I have arranged the pins in a ‘tree’ formation with the MFL Fast Start Club Pin as the ‘trunk’ of the tree and the ranks going to the top of the tree with the rank of Diamond being at the top, only 30 more personal active reps to go and I will be the top rank of myfunlife and I will have one of the strongest organizations in the company at the same time.

In other words, not a ‘fake’ rank, i.e. building a team of personals really quickly which then falls apart leaving you with no team and a rank… my organization, MyFunLIFE Team ONE organization, is incredibly strong, I have only had 7 of my personals quit the business in 7 months and the organization as a whole is the same. To me building your rank in any company should be representative of your skills in building your team, not in just personally recruiting a bunch of people who later quit.

Not only am I a Ruby well on my way to Diamond with MFL, the Team ONE organization has several other Rubies and a ton of Sapphires and Golds with many reaching up to the Sapphire and Ruby ranks soon, all building, all following the same system of recruiting, the same system of development, all working towards the same result of massive success with My Fun Life. You see the secret isn’t duplicating what just one person can do, the secret is duplicating what EVERYONE can do.

This is the thing, I am an online marketer, I could go out and just market the MFL opportunity and get to Diamond in just a few weeks or really days at this point, I’m not going to do that, I am building my business just like anyone else would build their business online because I am creating a system that is able to be duplicated by everyone in the MyFunLIFE Team ONE organization, the same I am using to get 3-10 new paid members in myfunlife every month, without spending money on marketing. If you know the MFL compensation plan, you know that this can turn into a HUGE income in a rapid period of time.

A system like what Team ONE members use is very simple to setup, and really the majority of it has already been taken care of for our members with the MyFunLIFE Lead System all of our members get to use for FREE as Team ONE teammates. The duplication part comes in how to link to this lead generation system with personal websites and other social media to drive massive traffic to our lead generation system and team building system.

There are people out there, like myself, who can market online and drive massive traffic to their sites, generating a ton of personal leads and signups, it isn’t something you can teach everyone to do for themselves, at least not very quickly and for those with less of a technical mindset, this can be a real issue. This is why joining with a team that is building based on what a normal person can do, directed by someone who knows how and the mechanics of generating massive traffic, leads and signups, IS what you want to do.

While the lead system we are using, developed by me personally, is very complex in how leads are generated and distributed to the team, the use of the system is not, it is quite simple in fact and soon most of the marketing will be 100% automated resulting in a viral traffic and lead generation system, here is the temporary marketing site for the software I am developing, the video is out of date as a bunch of features have been added and more are being added currently, then a new video will be up. The software is called WP Leads Press and is the culmination of about 3 years of online recruiting research and development for viral social network marketing and traffic generation.

There are those out there who would tell you to join them because they are personally one of the top recruiters in the company, I am inviting you to join with me, not only because I am a top recruiter in the company, top 12 overall, I invite you to join with me because our team is also having similar results because of the systems we have in place for our members, online community, team support, training, lead generation and more being added as we grow. I invite you to join with me because the Team ONE organization is stronger than just a single person who is great at recruiting, it is strong because of the worldwide network of leadership that is part of Team ONE.

Team ONE is strong because we build on what normal people can do, what average people can achieve when it comes to online marketing and offline team building, we build on what we know can be duplicated, what we know the majority of our members will take action on, not on what only a handful of people can accomplish.

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